• Picnic in the Garden
    Picnic in the Garden

Gazebo Garden Picnic

R650 for 2 people / R1300 for 4 people
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New! Gazebo Picnic in the Garden.

  • Table decorated with Flower Petals, Candles and Chocolates. 
  • 750ml J.C. Le Roux Non-Alcoholic (Pink or White) shared by two people.
  • 350ml Fruit Juice per person.
  • 500ml Still Water per person.
  • Starter: Fruit Kebabs.
  • Main Meal: Panini, Tramazinni or Tortilla (chicken, beef, pulled pork or vegetarian) + Green Salad and Crumbed Onion Rings.
  • Dessert (cold): Apple Crumble, Cheese Cake, Chocolate Pudding or Malva Pudding.

Each Gazebo has a table and bench to sit on. Cutlery & crockery will be provided. 

Themes to choose from: 
Romantic Picnic
Earthy Picnic
Moroccan Picnic